Slide DESIGNING FURNITURE INSPIRED BY NATURE Another in our ARvlog series NEWS The irrepressible Dirk Wynants, founder and "Big Boss" (his quote!) of Extremis, joined us in our Milan showroom to share his unique take on designing furniture with architects and designers who attended our "Nature!" seminar. Here he is interviewed by our founder and "Serial Misfit" (his quote!) Dr Pierre Wilter... Interesting things

Slide The building intends to emphasize the landscape and its uniqueness, conversing with its surroundings at all times. A thin metal structural frame is transported and assembled on site, internally clad with pre-cast concrete slabs ensuring thermal comfort. Minimal column and beam sizes allow for expansive and uninterrupted interiors that can serve multiple functions.

Slide The two monoliths forming the tunnel reference the Eurasian-North American tectonic plate schism. Its burnt orange colour a mention to hot melting lava, a strong contrast to the colours found naturallyon site. We often find these intense colours in Icelandic towns, but in the dark lava fields it becomes a location marker seen from the distance. Upon parking and following the compressed earth path to the front of the building, visitors see no option to access, but walk through the tunnel which is oriented to shelter from prevailing eastern winds, its sides lifting towards the sky in an elevating experience.

Slide Halfway through the tunnel, they get faced with a decision: Choose between two doors leading to the café (right) or the exhibition/function room (left), or continue walking through to the other end where the volcanic climb awaits. This way the visitors are guided through a designated semi-open walking area, showing the way both to the trekking path as well as the sheltered interior. In a vast and unprotected landscape such as this, the Wayfinder offers a sense of containment and guidance.

Slide TINY URBAN FORESTS The New Secret Weapon against Climate Change NEWS The method is the brainchild of Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. Interesting things