Hotel Complex

Set right next to an iconic and set-piece Cesar Manrique confection – all curvaceous white painted render, blue pools and lush green vegetation – is a rugged volcanic landscape, sharp rust-brown lava rocks, dry, inhospitable and devoid of life. Or is it? Look closer, and fissures and lava tubes, set within the malpais, open up and entice you to climb down. Dark, cool entrances, with touches of green vegetation, lead to large stone doors, and beyond into extraordinary angular spaces, part subterranean, part wreft from huge volcanic shards of concrete, and giving stunning, almost lunar, views of the volcanic plain beyond. Each apartment is totally private with uninterrupted views and each has its own infinity pool. Read more about how these two design styles, at first glance polar opposites, each put integrating nature at the very heart of their architecture…